Monday, 4 March 2013

A new technique for cooling electronic devices

 A team of researchers at the University of Leeds, UK to a new technique for cooling electronic devices help reduce energy consumption used in cooling rate ranging between 80 to 97 percent.

Although dangerous, which can be caused by fluid for devices electronic normally, but Professor John Summers, who heads the team of researchers says that the fluid that they use in this experiment and carries the name “3M Novick” features specifications great, as it coolant is flammable and does not Connect electricity, which means that it does not cause a short circuit in the electronic devices if the most crucial.
The research team says that most admirable about this experiment is the amount of energy saved, after it was consumed on refrigeration units electronic devices.
And the transfer of web site U.S. “Tech Hove” on news of technology that the cooling system, which relies on liquids will be the “new generation silent operations cooling” which is considered as a good news for users who Narrow tired voice cooling fans inside computers and electronic devices in general.