Monday, 10 June 2013

Let's Change---- A new initiative by a group of teens from Siliguri, West Bengal, India. 

Posted by: Avirup Basu
Dept:        Miscellaneous( Innovation )

A new initiative taken by a group of teens to highlight the anti-social and abominable ambiance of the Indian Politics and culture. It all started in a classroom and spread as a local facebook page. Now it is at it heights of initial success. It is maintained by a small yet Intelligent school going students. Like there facebook page here. Also join there group here. The organisation's prime aim is to " ‘Lets change’ takes pride to cherish the fine aspects concerning India and its society all together. However it concurrently strives to expose the shady face which shackles the genuine development of our country. The prime intent is to liberate ourselves from the unwanted inertia that has gripped the nation’s psyche.". Keep a visit on there page to get all the latest updates. 
As told by one of the co-founder Mr Sayan Sanyal, the group has high future plans. Alone with other members, (Rick Chakrabarti, Shaswata Das, Sarbojit Majumdar) we hope that they succeed and wish a bright future of the Organisation. This post is to highlight there activities.