Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Parallel Universe

<<<Parallel Universe--- Infinite>>>

WARNING!!!! Highly Recommended.... Please keep a glass of water or emergency medicine in case you faint while reading it. The article is completely non-fictious. It’s a fact.

          The universe we live in isn’t singular. That is the universe isn’t “uni”. It’s “Multi”... Multiverse. For many years scientist have been coming up with more and more theories about how the universe works. None of them were able to satisfy all the physical laws until the M theory was born. The most revolutationary theory in the History of physics. The idea seems to be quite bizarre cause it predicts the presence of parallel universes. This doesn’t means that Albert Einstein is still alive or may be it is.....!! Don’t panic. Parallel universes exist infact the number of universes isn’t finite but infinite. There are infinite number of parallel universes separated by a very small distance apart. The distance is so small that it can’t be measured. The question comes why we can’t feel them or even feel their existence. To explain this let me introduce to you with the String Theory. It states that everything in this universe is made up of tiny strings. These strings vibrate with there own frequencies. Bizzare!! Isn’t it? Well the fact is that we can’t experience the existence of parallel universe is due to the reason that the vibration doesn’t match.
What are there in those universes that are parallel to each other?
n The Universes may consist of you, me, or any other human being. May be they consists of spirits, May be some diff forms of substance. Whatever it is we don’t know.
Is there any connection between those universes with our one?
n May be yes. May be no. We don’t know. Let’s take an example. You go to a brand new place. You explore it. While exploring, you feel that you have came here before. But it’s evidient that you haven’t. Now why does it occur? May be there is a connection between the worlds. May be we have visited the other world virtually in dreams. The connection between the worlds is such that we don’t know but we are aware that there must be a connection that makes us feel that we have visited. The phenomenon is known as déjà-vu. But the explanation is different by scientists. But no correct explanation is present. Any idea why? The string theory may be an answer. May be in dreams we can produce vibration or may be we don’t  But why such a thing occur?   
The string theory predicts the existence of multiple parallel universes but it fails to explain the birth of ours “THE BIG BANG THEORY”. The M theory comes to the rescue. It’s an advanced version of the string theory or let’s say a higher theory. The major part is that it says our universe are membrane. Similarly other universes are also membranes. When two of them collide, BIG BANG-------!!! Though the theory is not yet proved, but research is going on.
          Now friends, we are not alone. We are infinite. May be you are infinite. May be I am infinite. May be Bing is infinite all separated by a tiny gap.