Thursday, 28 November 2013

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.-- error while setup installs

Windows phone SDK 8.0. Problem while installing.... Setup fails

While installing windows phone 8 SDK 8.0, you may have encountered a problem or may encounter. The problem says,
Setup fails!!

Windows Software Development Kit Tools for Windows Store.A required certificate is not valid within its validity period when verifying against the current system clock or timestamp in the signed file. 
Windows Phone SDK 8.0 Assembies User Cancellation installation

Well, I have encountered the problem, and the solution is here.
Firstly you can try the old fashioned way and download the latest setup from MSDN. 
Secondly what you can do is change your Computer's date to some 6 months back. The problem shall disappear. You can change again after the setup installs. Bizarre!!! but changing date solves it in a better way. The possible reason for the problem is the setup is "OUTDATED". 

After installing, you may receive another error while creating a new project or loading the previous one. 

You can solve this by downloading the latest update of visual studio 2012.