Monday, 2 December 2013

Have a break-- Lets blast off to Mars

Mars Panorama - Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 437 in Out of this World

Tired of your daily schedule? Have a break. Lets's have a view of the amazing panorama of Mars created by photographer Andrew Bodrov.

The beautiful mosaic stitches together 101 images taken about two weeks ago on the Red Planet to get a full 360-degree view around the rover.  The panorama was put together by photographer Andrew Bodrov of Estonia, who has created several previous panoramas from Curiosity’s data. The mosaic stretches 30,000 pixels wide and looks best when you enter full-screen mode.  Curiosity has been busy traveling across the Martian surface on its way to the base of Mount Sharp, a 5 kilometer peak at the center of Gale crater (that’s the big hill ahead of you in the panorama). There, the rover will investigate different layers to help figure out the complex history of water on Mars. The probe recently passed a location nicknamed “Cooperstown” where it examined several rocks with its arm-mounted instruments. Cooperstown is roughly one-third of the way to Mount Sharp.  The rover experienced an unexpected software hiccup on Nov. 7, just a few hours after new flight software was beamed to its computer brain. Curiosity did a warm reset, which happens when the probe identifies some sort of problem and restarts its software. Engineers still aren’t sure what caused the event though the rover has been performing operations and communications just fine ever since.

All credits to NASA and their Curiosity rover.