Windows Apps

I am a student developer(developer id: avirup171). My platform includes Windows phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. There have been quite a handful of apps that I have developed. Out of them 2-3 apps can fall under the moderate quality. I won't showcase all of my apps but only two apps named Cartoon and Bnote.

Cartoon:     Cartoon is an app that converts any picture into a "cartoon" type. It uses Nokia Imaging sdk. Cartoon has the capability to pick a picture from photos or click a picture. It has been fairly successful in the market. Hope you will like it. Cartoon is an free app. Download it from the store now.

Bnote:       Bnote is a simple notetaking app. It has all the features required for a note taking app. Built with simplicity it offers you some basic functionalities like adding, editing, deleting a note. Download this app to get all your notes jolted down in a single place. Download here.